The Wave who Searched
for the Ocean

(A tale of courage and triumph against all odds)

Somewhere in the South Pacific, on a dark and blustery day, a little wave was born. Every gust of wind made the little wave shiver and cry, and as the days went by, it grew stronger but still it couldn't stop the wind and it's shiver became stronger too, and it cried bigger tears.

One day, the wave had suffered enough and began to search for the answers to it's suffering. As a sea gull hovered in the stiff breeze above the wave, the wave said to the gull,

"I'm trying to find out why I must suffer"

The gull said, "Well, the problem is the wind. It hits you and abuses you and makes you cry"

"That makes sense, said the wave. So how do I stop it?"

"You cannot stop it. The wind is the breath of God"

"Why would God hurt me?"

"Well, God works in mysterious ways", said the gull as he soared away.

This didn't seem like a satisfactory answer to the wave, and so he went in search of more wisdom. He rolled on through the day and most of the night, feeling very tired from his journey but unable to rest. Eventually, he came upon a pair of whales, and he said to the whales:

"I'm trying to find the God who created me so I can ask him why I must suffer."

The whales said: "Do you see that triangle of stars there? That is where your creator is; behind those stars."

"But I can never grow tall enough to reach the stars." said the wave.

"No, you cannot meet your creator until you die. Then you will go to the stars. Until then, you must accept the will of God."

This was not good news at all to the wave, and how did he know if it was even true? Another day passed, and as he contemplated what he had learned, he noticed a large land mass off in the distance, directly ahead, and an unknown fear struck him to the core. Something in this land spoke to him of his own mortality, but he refused to hear. Still, there was an urgency to his quest now and his pace quickened.

"It can't be that my creator would put me here to suffer and then to die, with no way out. It doesn't make sense. It seems too cruel!"

The sun shone brightly and the cruel wind had died down a bit. As he gazed on the fast approaching land, it suddenly struck him that death had come for him. He trembled with fear and tried to run but he couldn't. Just then, a small angelfish swam to the crest of the wave as if to ride it into the shore, seemingly oblivious to the wave's terror.

I don't want to die!" Cried the wave.

I've suffered since the day I was born, nearly a week ago. The wind has cut and pounded me, and I've traveled a thousand miles in search of answers to the questions of life, and I found no answers that make any sense to me. Now I see that my life is comming to an end. A wasted life of struggle and suffering and death. I don't know what it was all for!"

"HAHA!", laughed the angelfish.

"You are not going to die because you were never born."

"Don't be silly, little fish. Of course I was."

"Look, you blame the wind for your suffering, and yet you have become big and strong by resisting the wind. Is that not so?"

"Well,....yes, but..."

"And in fact you would not even have been born, as you say, if not for the wind, yes? And so you owe your life to that wind."

"Okay, yes, I see what you mean, but the struggle....the suffering!"

"What strugle?....What suffering?....You invent ghosts in your mind and you run from them in terror. "

"But I've cried all my life and I've journeyed nonstop. Of course that is suffering."

"What is wrong with your tears? It is the wind casting a beautiful rainbow spray from your eyes to catch the glint of the sun. And you have not journeyed at all. That same wind that gave birth to your form and strengthened your body, has carried you every step of the way. It could have been effortless but you made it into a struggle. It could have been joyfull but you insisted it was suffering. Never were you this life."

As the wave approached the shore, it rapidly grew tall and began to curl. He knew that his life was about to end, but now he was beginning to understand.

"I created my own struggle, imagining that I needed to learn something, to get somewhere, and yet there was really nothing to learn because my questions didn't even make sense, and I wasn't even going anywhere because it was happening without me......I suffered because I imagined the wind to be my enemy and yet it was my best and only friend.......But wait, what do you mean I can't die? Can't you see that in a moment I will be dead? There is nothing I can do!"

"All of your fears you have created out of your own ignorance." said the angelfish.

"Even your fear of death"

As the wave crashed to the shore in a spectacular rush of blue-green foam and diamond sparkles, the angelfish swam away as she said,

"Never were you a wave.....Always were you the ocean.

Never were you born...Always shall you Be."

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