The Split Mind

by Jason Lynch

Closing mind splits is really what its all about. Fundamentally, there isn't an actual entity we can put on a platter like a mind or a brain, and say, here it is, put it back together, and thank god for that. Oneness isn't a unification of 2 minds, but rather, the absence of identification with even 1. The split mind can be most easily noticed as a movement of thought in conflict with itself. Thinking, and then imagining you don't want to be thinking, is one example. If you're thinking, there isn't some mind that isn't your's doing it. Imagining you are that mind and need to do something about it isn't the solution but rather more of what's causing the problem in the first place, the untrue idea that you're an autonomous separate entity.

Judging yourself, and then imagining you don't want to be doing that, would be another example. It might sound ludicrous to say people actually want to judge themselves, but mechanically speaking, the mind can be oriented to project an idea of itself at some other time and then think things about that image, and then imagine that whole process shouldnt be happening. It's quite silly stuff when there is the willingness to 'look', and that courage is admired when it's noticed.

So really, the split mind is a surface level dynamic perpetuated by lack of conscious understanding surrounding certain movements. What manifests on the surface is an outer representation of something going on internally. Noticing the internal can radically change the external, or lead to the absence of the dynamic, which would be welcome absence for most one would think.

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