The Simplicity of Dissolving
the Questions

The reason Simplicity is simpler than can be imagined is that imagination is causing all the confusion. This means the answer is more obvious than the questions, and so we find ourselves in the rather odd position of trying to dissolve the questions rather than answer them, and that dissolving process is really what the rest of this website is all about.

simplicity The truth is that the questions about how to have a happy life are misconceived, and so all of the answers are at best temporary solutions; movements toward something else that can be interesting and fun and provide a momentary satisfaction before the next question shows up and we go off searching for yet another answer. This is how it has been for you, and I know that because it's how it is for everybody.

It won't do to just decide this is true and abandon all the questions, as this is just more mental confusion. If the illusory nature of the questions is not clearly seen, it amounts to yet another belief overlay onto the confusion already present in mind, so it actually is necessary to explore the boundaries of our search for happiness and find out if what we're looking for is even possible, and if it's even what we really want. I suggest that what we want is the simplicity of no more questions.

In essence, we imagine that there is a problem, something missing, and imagine what is needed in order to provide what is missing. We now have a state of dissatisfaction that forms an imaginary potential state of satisfaction; a happy state to replace what is now perceived as an unhappy state. Once an unhappy state of dissatisfaction is established in the mind, of course there are things that can be done to return the mind to the simplicity of it's original contented state that was present before all the imagining started, but we shouldn't mistake this imaginary circular trip for reality. When we do, we find that we have to keep imagining and 'tripping'. There is no end to this circularity since it was all being imagined to begin with.

inner peace

From within the belief that something is missing and needs to be found, the idea that there's nothing to be found is not the least bit welcome. It can't help but look like stagnation, boredom and being stuck forever in a dissatisfied state. If you accept this idea to be true without directly realizing it is so, it will in fact result in such a state, and you'll be forced to resist the idea in order to get yourself out of that state and back on the roller coaster. So you must not believe what is being said but rather discover for yourself.

What results is not really the end of the movement between desire and satisfaction, as this is part of the enjoyment of life, but this movement loses it's 'sting' because the imaginary/illusory nature of the whole process is seen clearly. Your original state of contentment remains even as these movements toward and away from something continue. We call this inner peace.

Phil Beaumont

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Inner Peace

inner peace

"All that is actual is that Intelligence that is presently imagining everything, and yet is nothing. The choiceless dreamer of choosing. The thoughtless dreamer of thinking. The unborn dreamer of birth, and immortal dreamer of death. "

Phil Beaumont

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