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Satsang Poetry

Satsang Poetry is an illustrated collection of poems written over a period of many years. Many friends have served as the inspiration for them and were present at their birth. I've decided the easiest thing to do is to invite you buy it from the publisher and arm you with a discount code so that you can basically get it at cost. (3.95) Of course the code will work even if you don't know you are my friend. :)

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Satsang Poetry Satsang Poetry
Bringing Mind into the Heart
Authored by Phil Beaumont

A transcendent integration of both mind and heart to bring One silently to the depths of his own radiant Being.

Poetry that touches the heart must necessarily enter through the mind, and so they are as lovers joining to become greater than their sum. A wholeness of Being beyond mere words and beneath mere feeling.

What does it take to touch the core of your own essence; to free yourself of your own isolation and separateness? One must be able to touch the very center of the heart, and dissolve within that crucible.

Mind without heart is sterile.
Heart without mind is sentimental.
The pearl diver takes all to the depths,
His courage and his wits,
His wonder and his wisdom.
One eye for beauty,
And the other for clarity.

Publication Date:Mar 09 2012
ISBN/EAN13:1470174227 / 9781470174224
Page Count:98
Binding Type:US Trade Paper
Trim Size:6" x 9"
Color:Black and White
Related Categories:Poetry / Inspirational & Religious



Can you see how it all flows for them
And how we can't seem to get it right?
How the aspen shakes off the wind
In a shimmering dance of surrender?
How the hawk faces up to it
Hovering in place for the sheer joy of flying?

Do you see how the vine climbs
Because it can and
Not because it has to?
How the flower follows the sun across the sky
Like an adoring lover?

Notice how the river plays with the rocks
And sings into crevices
And babbles about nothing at all
As it effortlessly flows wherever it's going

Ask the aspen if it has a grudge with the wind
Or the hawk if it thinks it's going somewhere
Ask the vine what it expects to find
When it reaches the top of the world
Warn the flower of it's co-dependent tendencies
Tell the river there is danger around the bend

That's our job, you know
To remind them of what could happen to them
If they ever stopped flowing

Saving The World

The world spins on it's own axis
The moon and stars slip silently
Across an unmarked sky
Galaxies forming the very space
Which they inhabit

Clouds cry
And rivers run to the sea
And the Lilly awakens from it's slumber
In answer to some unseen alarm clock

And man can stand amidst this wonder
And not be overcome in awe
Of it's self perpetuating perfection
And not be humbled by it's secret knowingness

His arrogance revealed
In harmony that he can only mimic
Beauty that he can only surrender to
Wisdom that he can only dream of

The world does not need saving
This is what the owl has been preaching
This is why the Earth shakes
The smug smiles from our faces
Why the ocean swallows our homes
And stakes it's own claim

A thousand miracles a second
Are happening inside your body
And you have nothing at all to do with it
Let it be
For God's sake let it be

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"The truth is that, when one is loving, one is loving God. I don't mean in some symbolic, indirect way. I mean that when you look into someone's eyes, you are looking into the eyes of God. God has no other eyes. God sees what those eyes see. God cries with those eyes, laughs with those eyes. Everything is sacred. Everything is God Godding. There isn't something else, something separate."

Phil Beaumont