Philosophy of Life in
The Pursuit of Happiness.

The philosophy of life is about how life actually works from a larger perspective, and what this has to say about the pursuit of happiness and inner peace. It also touches on theosophy, theology, existentialism and ontology, though the intention is not to go deeply into any intellectual discipline but simply to refer to our actual experience and talk about why it is the way it is.

It's necessary to free ourselves of various misconceptions about life that cause us to follow dead ends and to create frustration and suffering for ourselves and others in our pursuit of a better life. Once freed of these erroneous ideas, our attention naturally turns toward what remains, and our frantic horizontal movement toward goals that are not ultimately satisfying slows down in favor of a more subtle but more powerful vertical depth.

In essence, our philosophy of life reduces to a radical simplicity, which dissolves many of our needs rather than fulfilling them, and this simplicity may already resonate in some ways as it points toward an inner peace that is impossible for mind to fully comprehend. And yet we know this peace because we are this peace.

In spite of this simplicity, the ideas around which we form our lives are sufficiently complex that some exploration into the actuality of our own experience is necessary in order to begin unraveling the mystery. It's not necessary or useful to learn or believe something that is not in our actual experience, though it may be surprising to some how much of our beliefs have been accepted with little or no question as to their truth.

We'll explore the nature of perception, experience and what we call God. We'll look at how creation happens on the level of the individual mind as well as the 'collective mind', and learn to discern the difference between illusion and actuality. We'll talk about the evolution of consciousness and precisely why humans suffer.

Life is an astounding wonder, and the more closely it's looked at, the more miraculous and 'sacred' it seems. Many of the mysteries of life can be cleared away, only to reveal a deeper mystery that is not only humbling, but also precious and endearing.

Phil Beaumont

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Philosophy of Life

"Flow and ease are disrupted by that same self that would seek it. It is how the river flows in it's effortlessness. It is how the wind blows, and without one to direct it's course. The fish does not struggle with the sea, nor the hawk with the sky, nor the painting with the canvass. Man struggles because he pulls himself from the ground of his being with each step, and claims each breath as his own."

Phil Beaumont

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