Finding Inner Peace: Looking for Peace in all the Wrong Places.(part 1)

Everybody is searching for a permanent contentment, but very few are finding inner peace. The real reason is that hardly anybody is interested in what it actually is. The difficulty is not that it is hidden, but that nobody is looking for it, and when it is seen, nobody recognizes it.

It's actually true that we eventually find whatever we're looking for, although there usually is some misunderstanding about what finding it will do for us. We work toward money, power or fame, and to the extent that we succeed, we notice it's only temporarilly satisfying, and we usually actually feel burdened by the potential of losing whatever we have gained. We look for the right partner to share our lives with and more often than not we encounter our own expections in bold releif, and find ourselves burdened by the expectations of our partner. It all becomes a big lesson in what to avoid or what not to do rather than the fulfilling relationship that we imagined it would be. We find ourselves on a roller coaster of seeking, finding short term satisfaction, and then seeking another goal, and this is actually the best case scenario.

Burdened The problem is that we're looking for a one-ended stick and there is no such thing. Whatever it is that we find satisfying is only experienced in contrast to what we find unsatisfying, and so we must be endlessly moving toward what we want and away from what we don't want, and never resting at a place of satisfaction.

So while we can certainly get what we think we want, it always turns out to be impermanent, and so we're destined to keep looking. But what if what we really want is not what we've been looking for, but something else? If that's the case, we never find it simply because we're not looking for it.

What finding Inner Peace refers to is what has been called 'the Peace that passes all understanding'. The reason inner peace is not looked for is that it cannot be understood, and the reason it is not found is that it is not looked for. It's not that inner peace is hiding or that it is difficult to accomplish. It is, in fact, already here and simply is not recognized.

It may seem wrong that inner peace can't be understood since we all have a concept of what peace is, but this is not genuine Peace but rather a two-ended stick version of it.


Obviously, our idea of peace is defined by our idea of what non-peace is. We seek peace in our external circumstances in the form of quiet instead of noise, relaxation instead of tension, to be undisturbed and unburdened by our responsibilities. What we find is the same sort of roller coaster ride we find with the search for happiness. We relax on the couch for a while and then we feel the urge to find some excitement, and the beat goes on.

The reason inner Peace cannot be understood is that it is not conditional. Primarily, this means it is not defined by the external circumstances of our lives, and if we can't define it in this way, it makes no sense to us. For it to be understandable, it must be defined by some conditions of experience. Continued in Finding inner peace part 2

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Inner Peace

inner peace

"All that is actual is that Intelligence that is presently imagining everything, and yet is nothing. The choiceless dreamer of choosing. The thoughtless dreamer of thinking. The unborn dreamer of birth, and immortal dreamer of death. "

Phil Beaumont

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