Finding Inner Peace: Looking for Peace in all the wrong Places. (part 2)

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The fact that finding inner Peace does not happen through external conditions implies three things. First, it means that no matter what the external conditions are, they cannot disturb this Peace. Secondly, it implies it cannot be understood as a set of conditions. Thirdly, it means that it is not found outside but rather inside.

The first implication explains why finding inner Peace is permanently satifying, and why this is the way to get off the happiness roller coaster.

Contentment The second implication explains why finding inner peace is so rare, and why nobody is really looking for it. The third implication requires a bit more explaining.

So what does it mean to find inner Peace? While it may sound like the goal is to locate something inside that we didn't know was there, this isn't really the case. If it were, it would be yet another quality of some kind, which would be defined by other opposing qualities within, which would potentially threaten this Peace. What finding inner Peace actually is....... is a loss only.

So before we try to answer the question of how in blazes we could possibly want a loss, much less how this could possibly be the Holy Grail that humanity has searched for since the beginning, (it is) we might be able to understand the uniquely permanent nature of Peace in a world where everything is impermanent.

Lets imagine that you have always banged your head against a wall. You know nothing else because it has been a continuous part of your experience since you were a child. Sometimes you bang your head harder and you call this suffering, and sometimes you bang it more softly and you call this happiness. You call it happiness because it's better than the hard banging of suffering, but soon you get used to the soft banging and begin to forget what the hard banging felt like, and it doesn't provide the same degree of happiness in contrast. Still, there is a rather continuous dissatisfaction because even the soft banging hurts.

head banging

So what happens if you 'lose' the head banging all together? First of all, it's going to eliminate your dissatisfaction. Secondly, your loss of dissatisfaction is going to be permanent because it is not measured against something else. It's not softer head banging, it's no head banging.

In the end, what finding happiness is about is finding inner Peace, and what inner Peace is about is losing the dissatisfaction that you were actually trying to escape by seeking happiness. What you actually want is not to acquire happiness, but to lose your suffering. Mind cannot understand it's satisfaction, coming not from a change in the external circumstances of experience, but rather from a loss.

The loss that we're talking about is loss of ignorance, defined as false knowledge, and THAT is what all of the articles here are about. It may not be an easy process, partly because mind cannot understand the value of a loss, and partly because it doesn't like losing anything. Massive structures of beliefs and self defining ideas have been built over a lifetime for the purpose of finding refuge from suffering, and which have served the singular function of producing more suffering.

Phil Beaumont

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Inner Peace

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"All that is actual is that Intelligence that is presently imagining everything, and yet is nothing. The choiceless dreamer of choosing. The thoughtless dreamer of thinking. The unborn dreamer of birth, and immortal dreamer of death. "

Phil Beaumont

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