Philosophy of Life:
The Evolution of Consciousness.

Creative Intelligence apparently expresses in the form of an evolution of consciousness from the simple to the complex. Complex sentient forms do not replace the simple forms which tells us the 'goal' is not toward complexity as such, but rather diversity. As creative Intelligence expresses in every conceivable form, this includes the highly developed intellect of the human.

This movement toward greater complexity and capability is not really by prior design as creative Intelligence is not planning the evolution of consciousness. This creative principle is not an independent thinker/planner. This principle stands prior to mind and thought, and so the direction of evolution is driven from within creation itself. In other words, creation forms when Intelligence engages with and experiences it's own creation.

There is an impulse toward life and diversity of expression that we can say is inherent to creative Intelligence. We can't really say that there is a goal toward survival of the fittest or only the most capable creatures would survive, and yet there is a plethora of simple and delicate creatures that thrive amidst much stronger and more intelligent creatures. However, elegant functionality is very much a part of a robust diversity of life and so natural selection is part of this expression.

The human animal is unique in that it has developed the ability of biological self awareness. That is, the human is capable of contemplating itself and projecting it's own fate. This allows for the possibility that the human can transcend it's own consciousness, which no other creature can do. However, this also means the human can suffer it's own thoughts about itself.

The evolution of consciousness means the transcendence of apparent separation, since the Truth is oneness and separation is an illusion. Neither humans nor the Intelligence that forms the human consciousness is interested in transcending it. Again, Intelligence is not thinking apart from the mind of sentient creatures, and the desire for oneness cannot form, within the mind of an apparently sentient creature, which would dissolve that appearance of separateness. In other words, a separate being is not interested in ceasing to exist, even though it never existed as a separate creature to begin with, and that Intelligence which is experiencing it's own creation through the human has no intention of it's own to either transcend or not.

In spite of that, all humans are moving toward the truth of oneness. This happens because the human has an interest in escaping it's own suffering, and it cannot do this without transcending it's own separateness.

Dualistic experience is formed through opposing polarities, and the movement of experience is formed by the tension between those poles. In other words, we are seeking to resolve the tension between good and bad, happy and unhappy, violence and peace, and so on, and yet these polarities are mutually defining and cannot be resolved. As a result, every attempt to find what one is looking for must ultimately fail.

The reason that all roads lead to Rome is that there is only Rome. That is, only oneness is true and so only the evolution of consciousness in the form of the transcendence of separation will result in authentic happiness and permanent fulfillment of the individual's deepest desires. As all other possibilities must ultimately fail, the truth of oneness cannot be avoided forever.

Phil Beaumont

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