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by Phil Beaumont
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non-duality by any other name isnt a name
by: Anonymous

Hi Phil.

By the nature of duality, if we identify with "the you" then spin increases proportionally with frequency of that identification. As the focus moves away from "the you" then non-attachment (who cares what's spinning where!) happens. This is what non-dualistic teachings point to and are so very hard for "the you" to not understand...LOL!

Spin cycle
by: Phil

Hi Fred
So you're saying that as we stop trying to chase after happiness or avoid unhappiness, the rate at which we cycle between the two decreases?

If so, yes, I'd say both the frequency and amplitude decrease. Things get less dramatic, which isn't always what folks are looking for, which is why Peace isn't found.

Yes, one can remain as the observer of both the happy and unhappy ends of the stick.

your cycle is set on agitate
by: Fred

I find that the quickness of the amplitude between the highs and lows has a correlation to the release of all amplitudes. This releasing of all amplitudes is closer to the observer of the process as apposed to identifying one part of the process (either end of the stick).

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