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by Phil Beaumont
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Mar 07, 2012
The impostor takes on the impostor
by: Phil

Yes, it's difficult to see through the "impostor" because it is necessarily looked at FROM the perspective of the impostor, which is by definition believed to be actual. The only reason you want to see through the impostor is because you (the impostor)wants something; to be free of suffering. The one who wants to free of suffering is the impostor, and nothing else actually wants any such thing.

So the impostor thinks it wants to be free of the impostor, which of course can never happen. All such 'programs' are destined for failure, which is not to suggest they shouldn't be tried.

Mar 06, 2012
Buddha's answer
by: Anonymous

Dear Phil Beaumont,

In the end I found out you came to the realization that Buddha's analysis of the human predicament is true.The idea of being an individual human being that is separate from other human beings, is the root cause of our unhappiness and suffering.

I agree, so it is. I have started my own "erase this impostor" programme. But for mankind it seems to be very difficult to come to this realization. Why?

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