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Mar 14, 2012
Breaking Habits
by: Phil

Howdy, Marie
It really comes down to doing what you really want to do. When possible, that's what you're going to do, so there's no point pretending you want to do something else. If you want to enjoy eating, then dieting, then eating, then dieting, then there's nothing wrong with that, but do it consciously. Accept that the dieting roller coaster is what serves you best and hop on.

However, why would you struggle with it if it is, in fact, what you want to do, see? You ride the roller coaster and you say everything is going just as I want it to.

On the other hand, if you decide that's not what you want to do, then you do something else. Again, there is no struggle.

The only time struggle comes in is when we want to have our cake and eat it too (pun intended); when we want two things at once that can't possibly happen.

I just added an article on 'Breaking Habits' that you might find interesting.
Breaking Habits

Mar 14, 2012
Pleasure seeking
by: Marie

I have a question: I am like most humans and struggle with the split mind. I usually end up doing what I want to get away from. As an example, if I want to lose weight and be slimmer, the pleasure I get from eating sabotages my desire to be thinner as NOT eating doesn't taste very good. LOL. So my question is, we as humans seek pleasure. How can we override this propensity to look after a temporary pleasurable fix and not give in to the "higher" choice that often involves less pleasure.

Good article!

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