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Aug 10, 2012
Too simple for mind
by: Phil

Hi K
It's true that the one and only problem is the idea that there is a problem. Manufactured dissatisfaction, imaginary problem creation.

It's true that we can't just adopt that idea and have the problems go away, and your question gets to the heart of what I talk about here.

There has to be the willingness to stop imagining something is wrong, which is made particularly difficult by the fact that acting on imaginary problems results in actual problems that require our attention, and so it gets difficult to separate the imaginary from the actual. We do, in fact, experience our beliefs.

It's necessary to gain clarity about what's actually going on vs what we think is going on. This requires that we be conscious, attentive, willing to look and to see from 'outside' our present conceptual boundaries, and the willingness to trust in the sovereignty of that seeing and turn and walk off the battlefield of the mind and it's beliefs.

Teachers throughout the ages have found a multitude of ways of talking about that, and directing attention away from these imaginary beliefs, and much of it only adds confusion and more beliefs. The difficulty is that is a simple absence, and mind will have no part of either simplicity or absence. It's all far too simple for mind.

Jul 24, 2012
Hi Phil
by: Anonymous

Hi Phil, I knew you from a forum. Good to read your words again.

I don't quite know which article to put this comment in.

The basic problem--indeed the only problem there is--is the basic dissatisfaction of life which encumbers the mind from the very beginning of life. The awakened have said this thing in various ways (Buddha called it dukkha)--but still it took me five years of spiritual seeking to recognize this. You say it in your intro and other articles.

When I realized this, it felt somewhat like a cruel joke. Could it really have been this simple? Can it really be that the inner atmosphere of dissatisfaction has consequences it does in human beings? And that there is just one problem, one singular problem?

It was a good day because overnight I was able to let go of the spiritual quest. What a relief!

After the delight of this settled down in a few months, I realized that I saw the problem, but did not really have a solution for it.

How does one get rid of the basic fear of life, the basic inner atmosphere of dissatisfaction?

I think when the basic problem is seen, the solution is inevitable. Eventually.

I am trying a technique which I have had some positive confirmation on: Looking at the sense of I AM, as suggested Nisargaddatta and Ramana and Sherman.


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