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by Phil Beaumont
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Mar 18, 2012
by: Lynn

I agree, there is still desire for life and personal attainment/improvement even after realizing inner peace, and this.cycle is then enhanced, mostly because it is realized that our failures don't have to mean we won't be happy. Just as in we discussed on the relationship post, that there is still desire for relationship even after we discover we don't "need" it because we have come in touch with self love. It doesn't just "show up"

Mar 13, 2012
Inner Peace vs life
by: Phil

The question "Why do things keep happening when we've discovered inner peace" seems to assume that there is no more interest in experiencing life; that we "don't want it". Inner peace doesn't replace the interest in life but rather renews it. Now life is not a problem to be solved or a potentially horrifying matter.

The idea that we could have peace without all the goal seeking seems to suppose a master controller who could have planned better. Experience follows our interest and most folks are interested in goal seeking because there is illusion operating. They're also enjoying about half of it, which is fine.

Mar 13, 2012
Not a problem
by: Lynn

Hooray for Inner Peace, Love, Joy! Indeed, it is not dependent on anything that is happening (and in fact it often "shows up" when we are feeling done and/or frustrated with everything... as implied in the comment that it is "the experience of ending the wanting") But is it just me who wonders then why does anything keep happening once we supposedly don't want it because we have discovered Inner Peace? Or why anything would happen in the first place if we could have Inner Peace and permanent happiness without all this goal seeking and running around and whatnot? We've called it a game (among other things)... but here I find it literally being called the "wrong" place to find happiness. Well, it seems to me that we really "should" be able to obtain happiness from these experiences as well... what else would we be here for? Just to realize that experiencing these things is not true happiness? Doubt it.

And we do, I think, find happ-iness in happ-enings. It just isn't the same kind of feeling as the IPLJ. You suggest there is only joy in the movement towards a goal, not in the actual attainment of it. Not so sure of that, actually, as people can become quite attached to and find much ongoing joy in their companion people and things and life they have created for themselves. But I agree it appears to be more the creative "process" itself that brings this kind of joy. Although, I don't find that so much a problem like you have called it here... especially since the gaps (the downs) are eventually seen to be sort of "filled in" with the IP.

Mar 01, 2012
Peace is free
by: Phil

Yes indeedy.
Thanks, Fred.

Feb 28, 2012
If happiness comes with a debt....
by: Fred

you'll never be able to afford it! Excellent site Phil.

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