Philosophy of Life:
You are the Creative Intelligence of the Universe.

The impersonal creative Intelligence of the universe is not a thing or even an energy, as things and energy are also creations. I like to call it Intelligence, but it can also be called God. As such, it is whole, complete and cannot be divided. It would not be possible to divide an intelligent principle.

It also cannot be identified with any qualities or attributes as all such designations would be part of creation itself, and so this creative intelligence principle cannot be named simply because names require labels that apply only to created objects or some sort of abstract interaction between objects. It need not be mysterious as though God is beyond the ability of the human mind to conceive. It's simply that what is being referred to is the source of all conceptions, and is therefore prior to all concepts and cannot itself be identified with a concept.

We can say that the question as to what the source of concepts is, is a misconceived question, just as the question about what time it was before time, or what is beyond space, are misconceived questions. It's not really that the answers are unknown or cannot be known.

As the source of all of creation, this creative Intelligence cannot be separate from it's own creation, as there would have to be something other than this intelligence. That is, there would have to be something already created with which Intelligence could create, and since there is only Intelligence prior to creation, this Intelligence is also creation itself.

So in our philosophy of life this means is that creation is actually an appearance appearing to creative Intelligence, and has no separate substance. We could see this as a dream that Intelligence is having, not unlike your own nightly dreams. In those dreams, all of the scenery and characters are appearing in your mind and have no actual form outside of your mind. They not only appear IN your mind, they actually ARE your mind.

What we mean by mind is a movement of thought and mentally formed sensory perception, and this is what the nightly dream is. In the absence of such mental activity, there is no mind as we define it. Therefore, mind IS the nightly dream, inseparable from it in any way. The dream is mind being mind.

Likewise, what we call creation could also be called the waking dream, as all of it is formed entirely within this creative principle of Intelligence, and is the 'movement' of this intelligence expressing as thought, feeling and sensory perception. Thought, feeling and sensory perception are not in any way separate from this Intelligence, and so the wholeness of Intelligence is maintained. That is, it was, is and always will be, one. The creator and the creation are one. God and man are one. Subject and object are one. The waking dream is God being God.

As such, there is only this creative Intelligent principle and nothing else. All else is appearance appearing to this intelligence. In other words, there is God creating, and God experiencing it's own creation, and nothing outside of God. Nothing but this Intelligence being still, or Intelligence in motion, which is the flow of experience. It means that nothing actually exists but this Intelligence, and since you clearly exist, it means that you ARE that singular creative Intelligence. It means that you are God. You are NOT a person.

Phil Beaumont

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Philosophy of Life

"To identify oneself as a separate entity in a universe that refuses to acknowledge and support that separateness, is suffering."

Phil Beaumont

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