Authentic Happiness is Lasting Peace and Contentment.

Authentic happiness is possible, though it's not likely to be found in seven steps, nor is there a master key. Billions of humans have been searching for it for thousands of years, but mostly we've been searching in the wrong places, because we don't understand the problem.

Mostly, this site is about understanding the problem. Once we come to understand why we fail, the solution stands out in bold relief. Authentic happiness is a generic term for contentment, freedom, inner peace, and sometimes liberation or enlightenment. Everybody, in some way, is seeking it. We're looking for better relationships, a happy marriage, a fulfilling job. We seek answers in materialism, personal growth, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion. Along the way, we read the latest self help books and follow the latest guru, and it looks like it might work for a while, and then it doesn't.

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Why? Why does everything we try seem to work a little, to bloom and then fade like a rose, and then bloom again, like perennial love? Are some folks more content than others? If so, why? If not, why does it seem otherwise? If everyone is looking for an answer, and someone has found it, why is the world not beating a path to their door? Is there anything you would not give or do to have authentic happiness? If not, why not? Is there something you could do right now that makes you content? If so, why aren't you doing it? What's the difference between having authentic happiness and being at peace?

We're going to answer all of those questions and more. We'll look at what it means to have a better marriage, and why it seems so illusive. We'll explore psychology and see what science can tell us. We'll explore the myths surrounding the search for authentic happiness and separate fact from fiction so as to be clear what doesn't work and why, and we'll talk about what self actualization means and see how far down the rabbit hole we're willing to go.

When I met my lady Marie, she called me "Scary and beautiful". I knew then that she could see straight through to my heart, and we've been on this wondrous journey together for eight years now. What's down the 'rabbit hole' is both scary and beautiful. It's also the authentic happiness and lasting peace that everybody has been looking for. My goal is to be the best tour guide possible.

The mind is a wonderfully odd thing. That which it desires the most is also what it most desperately fears, and almost everything it does to find authentic happiness results in precisely the opposite. Mind will seek peace through conflict and unity through separation. It will demand acceptance, and struggle for serenity. Like a cat scratching at the door, once it has peace it begins seeking drama, only to turn again toward peace, never quite content to be where it is.

happiness There is an answer. Poets, philosophers and mystics throughout the ages have hinted at it, and not so oddly, the founders of nearly all religions and spiritual traditions have tried to teach us, and quite predictably have generally failed. Philosophy, psychology and religion are truly abysmal failures when it comes to the only thing that really matters; finding authentic happiness. Why? Because they're inevitably co-opted by seekers rather than finders, who then proceed to teach what they wish to learn.

Welcome to my world.

Phil Beaumont

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